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Saturday, July 7, 2012

SUYL - Bathrooms

Imagine a window.   A window that looks into a backyard which is mostly trees.  A window that lets in fresh air and limited light (remember the trees?).  A window located above a deep garden tub with jets.  This is what my master bathroom should look like....

But it didn't happen.  This picture is one we took while touring model version of our home.  My husband and builder both swear that I agreed to take out that window.  I must have been distracted.  It happens a lot.  But if I had been paying attention, that window would be there.  I noticed it immediately.  Our house is a modular, meaning it was built in a protected setting and delivered to our property.  We were there the day it arrived.   As we walked around the house, I noticed something missing.  My window.  There were phone calls and bargaining.  In the end, when it was determined that adding the window back at that time could delay our ability to move in (which ended up taking 8 weeks thanks to a busy electrician), I let it go.

About a year later, my husband called me.  He was making a delivery and there was a window for sale.  One that would fit in our bathroom.  So we bought it.  6 years later that window still sits in our basement.  An involved project that we just haven't gotten to.

When a friend told me she was getting new windows, my first thought was "I wonder if they would install a window that wasn't purchased from them?".  After discussion with my husband, we've decided against having the window installed now.  See that wonderful tub doesn't get used.  Filling it takes hot water, which takes oil, which is expensive.  So we've been discussing removing the tub and putting in a larger corner shower.  The pipes are already there so why not?  But who wants a window in their shower?  Not us.  So we will wait until we can remodel the bathroom, and I'll continue to complain that there's no window.  

That sound?  It was my husband rolling his eyes.

Sorry, I didn't get to take pictures of the actual bathrooms.  It's been a busy and somewhat frustrating week.

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