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Monday, July 2, 2012

Blah, Blah, Ginger

Long time no post.  Ok, so it's only been a week.  I've been working on projects and  practicing my sewing....

First, I recovered some pillows.   The striped pillows were for the couch and the truck pillow was for L.  He tends to use them all anyway.  I didn't really have a pattern for these.  I just sewed two fat quarters together then fastened them with velcro.  The day  after I finished, I found tutorials for envelope pillows.  Wish I had found that before!

Then I got to work on first birthday presents for a friend's baby.  I covered a stretched canvas with this fabric.  I made one for L while I had the glue gun out, but haven't taken a picture of that one yet.

 I was going to buy a little toy to go with it, until I saw a tutorial for a felt and fabric colors book and decided to make that too.   This was the most time consuming project of the week.  It took 3 evenings and part of a Saturday.  There's lots of prep to it, but it's super cute.

 Saturday afternoon I got a Mommy reprieve as J took L to the beach for a few hours.  So I decided to try making the One Yard Tote.
 I think I was a little to anxious to get it done because I made a few mistakes.  It was good practice.  I even added a pocket.

Finally, since I can't stand the little tomato pin cushion (it's too hard to get the pins in and out) I decided to try my hand at the no sew pin cushion.  I didn't glue it down, but it's much easier.  I couldn't resist using this mug with the coordinating dog fabric.

So that was last week in a nutshell!  We're on vacation this week.  Daycare is closed so we're mostly hanging around here and going to the beach.   I have a lot of projects lined up for this week as well as working up some posts since I've been to busy sewing to write.

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