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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vacation recap

Monday - Played outside in the morning.  We've been working on potty training, so I thought since we'd be home, I'd let L wear undies.  This seemed like a good idea until he told me was dripping.  After nap we went shopping so I could get some sewing supplies for the week.

Tuesday - Another low key morning at home with better luck on the potty training front.  During nap, I made these...

After nap and lunch, we went to the beach.

Wednesday - Low key morning, just like I like it.  During nap I worked on this for my sister...

After lunch and nap, we were back at the beach.  We ended up playing with kids from a couple of other families and had a great time.  Until the thunderstorms came and we went home.  The storms hit pretty hard right after supper.  L, who usually isn't bothered, was very nervous.  When it kicked the breaker for two rooms, I didn't blame him for being nervous.  Luckily they stopped just after bedtime.

Thursday - I don't know if he didn't sleep well because he was still freaked by the storms, but Thursday morning was atrocious.  First he freed willy while he was sitting on the potty, so I had to clean the bathroom floor.  Not that much later I decided to get in the shower.  While he can be entranced by television, this was not one of those mornings, so I opted to take him with me.  Besides, he hadn't a bath after the beach because of the storms.  Shortly after getting in, he tells me he has to pee on the potty, so I let him out of the shower to go.  He did go.  He also followed by pooping on the bathmat.  At this point, I want to bang my head on the shower wall.  So I get out, clean up the mess on the bathmat and clean the floor.  Again.  Then I turn around and get him in the bath, because of course he got it on himself too.  After all that, we still had an hour before nap!
During nap I dug baby stuff I'd listed on Craigslist out the garage attic.  None of which I ended up selling because they all blew me off.  While I was outside, I put the car windows down.  Prior to going back in the house, I put them up because I didn't trust the clouds.
After nap, my mom comes to visit.  We play with L for awhile, then decide to go for ice cream.  Except my battery is dead because I didn't turn the key all the way off when I put the windows up.  So I had remove and reattach the car seat and then remove and reattach again when we got home.

Friday - Thomas the Train Day!

On Friday we ventured to North Conway to see Thomas the Train.  We got to take a ride on the train which has a nice view of the white mountains.

L got to have his picture taken with Thomas and Sir Topham Hat.

We even met a very large turtle who moved pretty quick.  For a turtle.
It was a fun time, but very hot.  So hot, we stopped for ice cream on the way out of town.

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