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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Upcycled Cat Beds

So I mentioned awhile back that a co-worker volunteers at an animal shelter and when we were talking about sewing projects, she mentioned that shelter could always use more cat beds ans asked about fabric scraps.  So being animal lovers, another co-worker and I, started sewing cat beds.

Since I'm just starting out, I don't have any fabric scraps.  I do have fat quarters that I've picked up around town.  I also grabbed sheets and pillow cases that we no longer use from the attic.  Originally I was using them as filler, and then decided I could use the sheets instead of the fat quarters and use an old mattress pad as filler.

I thought I'd share how I did this in case anyone else wants to make some.  I'm sure lots of shelters could use more beds.  You could probably do the same for dog beds, just bigger depending on the size of the dog.

For the fat quarter versions, I just sewed two of them right sides together leaving a gap, turned it right side out, stuffed, closed and then did some additional stitching to keep the filler in place.  Like this:

For the sheet version, I used a full sized top sheet folded twice the long way.  I then cut approximately every 14-15 inches for strips like this:

Then I took those pieces and cut them in half on the middle fold.

You should have a folded piece and two separate pieces.
Cut the folded piece.

Continue until all pieces are cut.
Take two matching pieces and pin together.

Sew 3 sides completely, and the fourth side with a gap in the middle.

Turn right side out.

Fill with stuffing of your choice and sew closed.  Sew some lines to keep filling in place when washed.

Finished!  Not only do cats in need get beds, but I'm also re-purposing things from the attic that we don't use!

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