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Monday, April 2, 2012

Distraction #1

So a friend of mine recently celebrated her 30th birthday and I decided to make her a cake with my new cake pan. I really like to decorate shaped cakes, but most of mine are boyish(I do have two boys, three if you count the husband). So I was very excited when I found this "girlier" pan during a recent lunch break.

It's the Backyard Bug pan by Nordic Ware.

So yesterday, I baked a cake. Or should I say, I baked 8 mini cakes. They're cute. Now, the directions said to fill the baking cups, which I thought was a little odd. But for some reason I was still surprised when I opened the oven and saw what looked like exploded cake. My apologies that I started trimming the excess off the cake before taking the picture.

So it wasn't until I went to decorate the eight mini cakes, that I realized I only had 1 decorating bag left. I knew I was running low, but didn't think it was that low. Note to self, check decorating supplies before baking. So needless to say the decorating, didn't go very well and I was not happy with the outcome. I'll spare you the less attractive cakes. A butterfly and dragonfly are below.

And yes, those are the better looking ones.

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