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Monday, April 23, 2012

Nintendo, Atari and Commodore 64

So the teenager called me a hoarder the other day.  I can't imagine why....

Yes, those are original boxes for a Nintendo and a Commodore 64.  Neither of those items are even in those boxes.  The Nintendo box contains the packaging for the Nintendo.  The Commodore box contains the TRS 80(A computer that is more ancient than the Commodore.  It used cassette tapes.)  These boxes actually came from my mother's house.  So if I'm a hoarder, I got it from her.  I even saw controllers from the Atari today, but not the actual Atari or games.  Which is too bad, because I could really go for some Frogger right now.

I've stated before that this "stuff" is not all mine.  But there were definitely some things that I had held onto that can go.  The boxes from the "good" china?  I can see keeping that.  The boxes from the everyday plates, those can go.  Boxes, boxes and more boxes.  I dealt with a lot of cardboard this weekend.  The recycle guys are going to love me tomorrow.....

That's not even all of it.  Some of it is already out in the garage.  So there was definite progress made this weekend.  Which is more than I can say about my car.

I consolidated the gift boxes and bags that were in good condition and am recycling the rest.  There's no reason we need all that we had.  I also reorganized some and turned this....

Into this....

Look!  A floor!

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