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Monday, April 23, 2012

Distraction #2

Since last weekend was so busy, I decided to take a long weekend this weekend to recoup and get some things done.  Friday was unseasonably warm which rendered attic work too hot, so I took my 30% off Kohls coupon and my $10 off coupon and did some shopping.  I got a pair of yoga pants, two exercise tops(I will start exercising, I will start exercising), two work tops and sweater to go over them for just under $70.  I grabbed groceries and some Chipotle for lunch and headed home.

Around 2, J(the husband) called and said that he was finished working.  So I jumped back in the car to meet him so we could go look at a car.  I've decided that I like the Jeep Compass, I just hadn't driven one yet.  As misguided as it might sound it was this review that helped me decide.  We have never been off roading, nor do I ever plan too.  I'm also a huge Powerpuff Girls fan so their mention makes the review hilarious to me.

So I arrive at the dealership.  J is already there.  He immediately comes over to the car and tells me that the woman next to us with her two children is on the phone with her bank.  She wants the Compass too.  So we walk over and take a look at the car.  I do like it.  The mileage is low for the year and it's in good shape.  We head in to talk to the salesman to see if we can drive it. After a whole lot of "we've never had this happen before"  we're able to take a test drive.  I REALLY like this car.  We return and the other woman declines saying she can't do the payment they were able to come up with.  First hurdle down.  So we sit down and go over the numbers.  They go look at my car and come back with numbers.  Second hurdle crash.  They only want to give me $7000 for my car.  It's just simply not enough.  So we walk.

On the way home, I see more Compasses.  They're mocking me.  I stop at a local Subaru dealer and ask them if they want to buy it.  They take a look and come back with $8200.  Better, but still no dice.

Saturday comes and the weather is still nice.  L and I play outside for a bit before nap.  I actually make it up to the attic for a bit before it gets too warm(more on that later).  When he gets up we have some things to take car of in the house and then we're back outside for the rest of the day.

Sunday arrives and I'm another year older.  The boys take really good care of me.  Including a surprise dinner with my grandmother planned by the teenager.  I couldn't be happier.  Definitely one of the best birthdays in years.

So now it's a rainy Monday morning.  The last day of a long weekend.  I really want to spend the day in the attic.  However, I could spend a couple hours driving to one last dealer to get an offer on my car.  If it goes well, the rest of the day could be in tailspin of car shopping in the rain.  I have no idea if the Compass is still available.  If it doesn't go well, I've wasted time that could have been productive.  What to do....

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