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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cookie Monster Party

For L's first birthday we decided to go with a Cookie Monster theme.  He's one of my favorites, and I didn't think an Oscar the Grouch theme would be appropriate.  A trip to the party store during lunch I was able to find Sesame Street invitations, table cover and a 1st Birthday banner.  Another trip to the dollar store and I found blue plates, cups, and party hats.  A run through the craft store and I had googly eyes and glue.

The cake pan was a little more difficult as the Cookie Monster pan isn't made anymore.  I was able to find one on eBay.  Actually, I found two on eBay.  The large Cookie Monster and the small Cookie Monster that we used for the smash cake.

I then used glue to add the googly eyes to the party hats and cups.  

And had them set up on the table with the food.

Since it was mostly adults at the party, a lot of the hats weren't worn, but the boy had a blast!

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