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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sew what

So I bought some fabric recently.  I thought I could use it to do a couple of projects.  Preferably, no sew projects, because I don't remember the last time I touched a sewing machine, much less turned it on and used it properly.  Then I remembered that we had one in the attic and thought I wonder if that thing still works....

So I went to the attic and pulled it out.  It's old, dirty and still threaded.  So I started poking around online to get some information about this machine.  It's a Singer Touch and Sew Zig Zag 758 and after a bit of searching I found a manual for it with a copyright date of 1970!  That's right, this thing possibly older than I am!

It's also VERY dirty.  Apparently being stored for the last (at least) 15-20 years hasn't been good for it.  It did actually turn on though.  And the needle went down.  It did not however go back up.  So I started messing with it and realized that the presser foot was stuck to the plate below.

So I started taking things apart and found this....

It looks like the black plastic like thing melted(?) and gummed up the plate and the foot.  I'm thinking Goo Gone might help the plate and foot, but think the black piece will just have to be replaced.  If I can get this thing to work.

So if you know what the name of that little black piece is please let me know, as I haven't been able to figure it out yet.  Apparently, they are feed dogs.  I was informed of this by a friend who was shocked that they came in rubber.  I did however find a local sewing machine repair shop that I may be contacting.

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