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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A trip to ABC

So there has been some more back and forth with Subaru, who is now insisting on phone calls. Can't imagine why that would be.  Twice I have received emails that say "Please call me at your earliest convenience".  Which means instead of a quick email, I have to wade through at least two automated menus, which are voice or tone activated and very sensitive, and ten minutes of hold music.  Twice while waiting for the correct option, J would start talking triggering the horrid "I didn't understand that response" from the automated menu and forcing me to start all over!  The mute button is my best friend.

Their first response was "we don't feel it's the same issue because each time different parts are being replaced".

To which we responded "We think they're guessing as none of the replaced parts have fixed the issue."

Their offer was the $1500 owner loyalty credit that they offer to all Subaru owners.  Really?  You call that an offer?  Something that's available to all Subaru owners?  After all the issues we've had with the car and going back and forth with you, you think we want to give you more money?

Late last week they came back with a second offer.  Take it to the Subaru dealer of my choice for diagnostics that they'll pay for.  Once they've reviewed the results we'll talk again.

After the last experience I had with XYZ, I decided to take the car to ABC.  When I spoke to them in April they seemed to want to take up the challenge of fixing the car, so I'm giving them the opportunity.  Besides, I don't feel that XYZ wants anything other than more money for random parts.

So I'm off to ABC for my loaner car while they look at mine.  Wish me luck.  I think I'm going to need it!

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