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Sunday, June 17, 2012

A tisket a tasket a leaky fuel pump gasket.

So I lost satellite radio returned the loaner car today and picked up my car.  And you know what?  The lights aren't flashing.  It seems to be fixed!  That sound you just heard?  That was me, knocking on wood.  I can't be too careful about proclaiming this car as fixed.

I have to say it.  These guys were awesome!  They knew I was coming(because Subaru called them), they knew Subaru was paying for the diagnostic,  and once they found the problem, they coordinated with Subaru to fix it and not charge me.  They provided a loaner car, with working satellite radio (sorry, did I say that already?), and kept me updated with what was going on.

The problem, you ask?  Why no, it was not the filler pipe that I had been told needed to be replaced at XYZ.  In fact, when I asked about that part when they called to tell me what was wrong, they confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the filler pipe!  The actual problem was leaky fuel pump gasket.  That's right, a FIVE DOLLAR GASKET.  Not $600, not $500, a whopping $5.  The labor charges brought it up to $160, but still a far cry from $500/$600.  Guess where I'm going from now on?  Guess who's getting a not so nice phone call from me on Monday?

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