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Friday, May 11, 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 11

Today's post for the 31 Day Blog Challenge is your 15 favorite things.  My first thought was the hubs, kids and animals, but they're not things.  They're people or animals and sometimes both, but not things.  This could take awhile.....

15 favorite things:
1.  itouch - I didn't know I wanted this until I had it.  It was an anniversary gift from work.  Even if it was a year late, I'm glad I have it.  It provides hours of entertainment.  It keeps me sane at work by allowing me to drown out loud talkers and will keep L occupied in a pinch.
2.  Birchbox - For $10 a month a pretty little box appears with trial size beauty samples.  I'm not even that into beauty stuff, but it's fun and something to look forward to.  It's also something that no one else in the house will try to use!
3.  Lipton lemon ice tea packets - The water bottle size ones.  I haven't been able to find them for months and it makes me sad.  I can find all the crazy flavored ones, but not the standard lemon.
4.  DVR - I don't know how I lived without this.  I don't watch live TV anymore.
5.  Chocolate
6.  The camera - I've always loved to take pictures.  When the teenager was a senior in high school, we had to do his senior picture because he refused to go have it done.  So obviously, I had to buy a super new camera!
7.  Gilmore Girls - I can't tell you how many times I have watched this series.  Two networks have this show in syndication and I always tend to watch when it's on.
8.  My laptop
9.  The Internet
10.  The Sims - You can create and destroy families, make them happy or miserable.  I play it like a soap opera.
11.  Solitaire - I play daily.
12.  Crime fiction - I don't get to read often now, but there are a few authors I will drop chores to read.
13.  CDs - If an artist puts an effort into the artwork for their album, I feel I should at least be able to look at it.
14.  Sleep
15.  Pictures


  1. Sleep - should have put that on my list - and my electric blanket!

  2. Great list. I am addicted to Gilmore Girls, despite having seen every episode at least 10 times! :)

    1. Only 10? Just kidding. I just can't stop watching it.