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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Distraction #3

So I've been participating in the 31 Day Blog Challenge and haven't written about anything else in a week.  It's been fun and a good distraction, but it's taking away from posts on other subjects.  Like the goodbye cake I made for a coworker.....

Get it, it's a truck because he was moving on.


It was a truck, because it was a new pan and I hadn't used it yet.

It's also been raining a lot here, which means J's business is slow.  Which stresses him out, which stresses me out.  So he decided to fill a day, by working in the attic.  Now, there is stuff in the attic that is his and his mom's that needs to be sorted.  I'm glad he made an effort to start going through things.  He also did some rearranging in the process......

I'll have to get a picture.  There's more floor than there was before!

He also reorganized some stuff, and moved things that I had set up....

I had a system. <deep cleansing breath>  He moved some of my system.  <deep cleansing breath>  It's ok.  <deep cleansing breath>  I can handle it.  <deep cleansing breath>

Really, I swear, I'm happy he made some progress.  Just because he moved some of the stuff he wanted to keep into the area I was trying to clean out to become my quiet sanctuary, doesn't mean it can't be moved again once we've cleaned some more.  Right?  RIGHT?  I think I need another drink.

Not what I needed after a rough work day and more Compasses mocking me at lunch.  Seriously, I saw two within two minutes.  I really liked the color of the second one.  It was kind of a greyish/green.  I was jealous.

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