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Saturday, May 12, 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 12

What's in your fridge?

So my first thought was 'Which one?'  because we have two.  We have the typical one in our kitchen and a second older one in the basement for more bulk storage.  This is what I get for shopping at a warehouse store. So fridge #1....

This one has pretty standard stuff.  Milk, eggs, creamer, leftovers from last night's dinner, condiments, etc.

The downstairs fridge is a bit of a different story.  That middle shelf is almost all L's yogurt, with a box of hot dogs and some butter mixed in.  The bottom shelf is water bottles and cans of Diet Coke.  The light distorts it some, but that's a cake on the top shelf.  We're going to a Graduation/Anniversary party later.  Our friends are throwing their daughter a grad party and she is throwing them a (surprise) anniversary party at the same time.  So she came over last night and we  she spent 6 1/2 hours making and decorating this cake.

She did a really great job and I think her parents will love it!


  1. Thanks, but I really can't take the credit for this one. The girls did most of the work.