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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 15 - Timeline of your day

I'm realizing there's a lot of "ish" in my day.

5:30ish - Get up, turn on coffee, feed & water animals
If L is awake, get him up and feed him and take turns with J for quiet coffee time.
If L isn't awake, we both get quiet coffee time.
6 - Get L up if he isn't already.  Feed and dress him while J gets ready.
7ish - J and L leave.  I get ready for work.
7:30ish - Leave for work.
8ish - Arrive at work.
8:15 - Get annoyed with loud talkers, put on headphones.
9 - Daily project call.
11:30/12ish - Leave for lunch
12:30/1ish - Return from lunch, continue working, usually with headphones on.  Depending on the day, there are more calls/meetings.
5 - Run for the car like I'm being chased.
5:01 - Peel out of parking lot (ok, not really)
5:30 - Pick up L, chat about his day while he repeats "Ready go?"
6ish - Get home (yes, we tend to talk that long.  Daycare is half a mile away.)
Have L help feed the dog, refresh water.
Feed L.
6:30ish - Eat leftovers or cook.  If cooking, mix with playtime.
7ish - Eat, then bathtime.
7:30ish - Brush teeth and stories
8ish - L is in bed.  Time to relax, clean up dinner, watch tv, prep coffee.
10ish - Go to bed so we can repeat again the next day.

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  1. There can be quite a lot of -ish in my day too -apart from the school pick ups.