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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 31 - Why I blog

I started not that long ago because I needed "something".  I haven't been in the best of spirits for a few months and needed something other than childcare and house cleaning to occupy my time and my mind.  I can only bake so many cakes and I'm running out of room for pans.  I gave up the hobby I used to look forward to a few months before L was born.  It was starting to wear on me anyway, as I hadn't been enjoying the teams I was playing for, I didn't really feel like going back.

I have some other projects I'd really like to work on, but lack suitable space to really leave things set up to be able to work on them when I have a few minutes.  This led me to thinking about the attic and all of the stuff that lives in it.  If I clean it up, we can finish it.  Then I can have a space.  My own space to work on my projects.  A space where I can leave said projects out and not have to worry about toddler or pets getting into things, eating things or knocking them out of place.

I thought maybe if I chronicled the project it would help keep me on task.  I do have lots of unfinished projects and we don't exactly have the best track record for finishing them.  It has helped with that project some, but it has also been a distraction.  After all, it's a cool evening and instead of working up there, I'm in the basement writing this post with a Subaru follow up hot on it's heels.

I attempted blogging once before and it didn't really work out.  This time seems to be going better.  I have actually kept up with this challenge and am a little sad to see it end.  I will have to find another to distract me.

Oh well.  I'll get to the attic eventually.

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